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  1. Monaco and BAM update
  2. Resturants and Bars
  3. Marché de la Condamine
  4. Exhibition halls, museums and galleries
  5. And what about sports?
  6. French beaches reopen
  7. Italy to open borders on 3 June
  8. COVID-19 screening campaign began on 19 May
  9. Monabike is getting back to normal
  10. What is the "100Km rule"?
  11. You might like - Kay Hare Essential Oils
  12. Government web site links (MC, FR, IT, UK )

1. Monaco - The release from lockdown in Monaco appears to be proceeding smoothly and steadily.  
We here at BAM want to assure all our members that we are busy planning lots of new events as soon as we are allowed to hold them!

You can do your part by ensuring that you have renewed your membership for 2020.    If not, please do so as soon as possible by downloading the renewal form HERE (pdf) or visit our website ( ).
2. Resturants and Bars - The really good news this week is that, not only restaurants and bars but also many other activities are set to restart on 2 June, albeit under very strict regulations.
Didier Gamerdinger, Government Counsellor-Minister of Social Affairs and Health, explained that, given the current health situation and following the approval of the Sovereign, it will now be possible to reinstate a number of activities.
In the case of restaurants, tables must be separated, with a maximum of four to six people per table and with physical partitions wherever feasible.   Reservations will be obligatory since no waiting in line will  be allowed.   Individual condiments must be supplied and menus must either be displayed on wipe-clean supports or on phone apps.  Music will be allowed but only of moderate volume.   Valet parking will be permitted provided that health regulations are observed.
Bars will also be allowed to re-open, on the same terms as restaurants, ie. table service or sofa seating but not at counters or high bar tables.   No reservations will be required.  Depending upon circumstances, the Mairie may agree to the use of extended public areas as terraces.
Nightclubs have not yet been authorised to re-open.

3. Marché de la Condamine - Now open!  Halle du Marché de la Condamine open again in the evening!
The Mairie has announced that evening service will be resumed, from Tuesday to Saturday from 6.30pm-10.30pm for takeaway and deliveries only. Normal delivery services continue as before:  orders can be made until 12.30pm for guaranteed delivery by 2.30pm seven days a week. 
4. Exhibition halls, museums and galleries, including the Oceanographic Museum will be opening – the latter planning a comprehensive set of routing measures around its most popular attractions.
Although all the members of The Ballets de Monte-Carlo naturally continued to work individually at home during the lockdown, the Company has now resumed its classes and rehearsals, testing all its dancers before work resumed.   The open air cinema will open for its usual summer season but the indoor facilities remain closed for the time being.

Meanwhile, the SBM has been in tripartite talks with the Government and the National Council regarding various initiatives which the group is preparing to implement in order to guarantee health security and comfort for its clients, in the gaming rooms as well as its hôtels.   More about this will be known next week. The intricacies of seat spacing in the Principality's convention centers are still part of an ongoing study.
5. And what about sports?
For individual sports, no problem;  team sports are being examined individually.   For instance, "sports" swimming pools will be able to open but those which fall into the category of "leisure" engender different problems.   And, unless they are individual installations, sports halls, saunas and hammams form yet another conundrum on the "we’ll consider that later" list.
6. French beaches reopen, followed in June by bars, cafes and restaurants
France’s Prime Minister has confirmed that bars, cafés and restaurants can open again from 2 June – provided, naturally, that there is no recurrence of COVID-19 between now and the end of May.   As in Monaco, establishments will be required to enforce social distancing, a measure that will be sure to have a serious impact on their turnover.  
A final decision will be taken on 25 May
Meanwhile, some, but not all, French beaches will open again from as soon as this weekend along the Riviera, with a rule that beach activities must be "dynamic," which means that whilst swimming, surfing and strolling are permitted, sitting on a towel is not – that suntan is going to have to wait for a little while longer!
7. Italy to open borders on 3 June
The border between France and Italy will be reopened on Wednesday, June 3, the Italian government announced last Saturday.   Restrictions have been lifted on Italians travelling within their own regions as of Monday, 18 May and they will be able to travel between regions from June 3.
Italy was the first European country to lockdown in early March, since when only cross-border workers have been allowed to travel to and from Italy.   Unlike in France, Italian children will not be returning to school before September.
It will now, however, be possible to move freely within the regions and all activities will be able to resume :  shops, restaurants, bars and even hairdressers.   A social distancing regulation of 1 metre will, however, be enforced.   It is important to note that each region will be required to provide statistics on the evolution of the health situation to the central authorities every day for, as is the case everywhere, the relaxation calendar is dependent upon the evolution of COVID-19 in the coming weeks.
If you are planning on shopping in Italy then you must wear a mask at all times in shops and at all times you are in public transport. On buses you will find that you get on the rear doors, that every 2nd seat is marked off so you do not sit in it and you must buy your tickets elsewhere, not on the bus. 
If you have a fever (above 37.5 Deg.C) you will probably be detected and denied entry onto trains. You must wear a mask at all times you are on the train or bus. Whilst your face mask may not be a sophisticated medical one, think of facemasks like a "firewall" that slows down a fire. They work both ways and degrade over the time you are wearing them. So if your journey is long then ideally carry spare masks.
8. COVID-19 screening campaign began on 19 May
The Monégasque Government announced that the COVID-19 screening campaign would run from Tuesday 19 May, open free of charge to the entire population (Monégasques and residents aged 5 years and above).  
If you have not already done so, you will be receiving a letter at your home address, containing full information together with details of the day(s) on which you can attend.   If you are unable to attend on the proposed day(s), you can arrange an alternative appointment by ringing 92 05 55 00 or visit   The test simply involves taking a drop of blood from your fingertip.
Those who wish to benefit from this service are invited to present themselves in accordance with the sample table below – you will need to show your Monégasque identity card or your Carte de Résident.   The 1st lettre du nom d'usage is the first letter of your surname/family name.


 ( )
9. Monabike is getting back to normal
With the daily user rate in freefall during lockdown, the Monabike service is now quickly getting back to normal, with almost 1,000 uses per day.
Bikes are fully disinfected at least once a day, with a virucide being applied to the handlebars, saddle and clamp, brakes and padlock.   The bikes are also washed in the workshop when being repaired – all of which  takes time but which is essential.   Users must also play their part by following the recommendations of the health authorities, taking care to wash their hands once the bike has been dropped off at one of the Principality’s 35 stations.
10. What is the "100km rule?"
As the de-escalation of lockdown continues, many people are still not entirely clear on the rules of travel for France/Monaco.  
Questions and confusion about the latest rules regarding travel during the current period have been swirling around like snow flurries – perhaps the following observations might help clear things up :
Freedom of travel is permitted for French citizens and residents as long as it remains within 100km of home and does not cross country or department borders.   This distance is calculated "as the crow flies," meaning in a straight line as drawn on a map from your front door, not the distance you clock up on the road.   This ruling also applies to Monaco, although crossings into Monaco by non-residents still require a justifiable reason, such as work, school or family emergencies.   
Travelling abroad outside Monaco or France is dependent upon the individual country and the reason for the journey.   Travellers with Monégasque or French passports going to Spain will need to self-quarantine for 14 days upon arrival but ongoing confusion is still being caused by the UK's see-saw attitude towards the French as to whether this will or will not be demanded upon their arrival in the UK.
The European Commission's last meeting presented recommendations for opening internal borders within the EU, which may further expand the reach of Monaco based travellers in the coming weeks but, at the time of writing, no concrete plans have been set in motion in this respect.


11. You might like - Kay Hare Essential Oils
Kay is having small 2-(3) person max presentations - how to use the oils at her studio. They are each week on Wednesday at 4pm for the foreseeable future - all welcome and its free. If you would like to attend contact Kay on +33 (0)6 33 95 29 05 or email RSVP essential.  (Flyer is here )


12. Government web site links (MC, FR, IT, UK )

MC - The official Monaco Government website for all information relating to the COVID-19 situation is: For information in English go to :

IT -  

UK - UK Government advice for travel to, from and through France is here - The UK Government advice for travel to, from and through Italy is here -

BAM CST - Our BAM Community Support Team, although not making its usual visits, is always on hand to help with any problems, small or large – simply call the
BAM CST team, headed up by Yvonne Bernhardt on 06 60 21 63 99 .


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