1. Schools are Back!
  2. Latest  Coronovirus Figures
  3. The Crossing: Calvi - Monaco Water Bike Challenge 12-13 September 
  4. The 7th Ladies Rally Vintage Cars 13th September
  5. New headmaster at the Lycée Technique et Hôtelier
  6. EVER Conference 2020 10-12th September
  7. Multimedia Libraries
  8. Oceanographic Museum
  9. Views of Monaco
  10. Government Web Sites
  11. BAM Email and BAM CST


1. Schools are Back !
One week after France and one week before Italy, Monaco schools have returned, at least for high school students, college students, CP and CM2. Masks are mandatory from CP years up.

(Elementary school in Monaco is organised as follows: Cours Préparatoire CP: 6-7 years Cours Élémentaire CE1: 7-8 years CE2: 8-9 years Cours Moyen CM1: 9-10 years CM2: 10-11 years )

2. Latest Coronovirus Figures
For consistency with the WHO and neighbouring regions, Monaco only reports residents affected by the coronavirus. 
There were three new positive cases for covid 19 on Tuesday 8/Sep and another 5 on Wednesday 9/Sept. The total of people tested positive for coronavirus in the Principality is now 161. 

Last night, a total of four patients are being cared for at the CHPG: 1 resident in intensive care, 3 non-residents are hospitalized. The total recovered still stands at 107. On Wednesday evening, 48 people are monitored by the Centre de Suivi à Domicile (Home Monitoring Centre ) which medically supports patients with few symptoms that are staying at home.

3 The Crossing: Calvi - Monaco Water Bike Challenge 12-13th September
180 kilometres in under 24 hours. The aim of this new sporting challenge, which will take place on 12-13th September 2020, is to travel from Calvi in Corsica to Monaco in the shortest possible time by water bike and to raise awareness of the various programmes run by the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation. For more details see here (link)

4 The 7th Ladies Rally Vintage Cars - 13th September
This coming weekend Sunday 13th September, a Western Style rally! For more details email 

5. New headmaster at the Lycée Technique et Hôtelier
With the voluntary early retirement of the principal of the Lycée Technique et Hôtelier, Jean-Marc Deoriti-Castellini, the deputy principal, Rémy Garoscio will replace him. 
6. EVER Conference 2020 at the Grimaldi forum 10th-12th September. 
This was postponed in May due to the virus outbreak but it has now been rescheduled to run from the 10th to the 12 of September.  EVER Monaco is the Principality’s longest-running event devoted to sustainable mobility and renewable energies. It is organised with the support of the Government of Monaco, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and the Société Monégasque de l’Electricité et du Gaz (SMEG).

"Since 2005, car and bike manufacturers, energy companies and, since 2018 players involved in the sustainable yachting industry, have come to showcase their products in order to ensure the all-essential energy transition and move away from carbon energy dependency, both of which concern us all." 

For more details visit their web site

Workspaces and the reference library are now open to the public again, although still subject to distancing and hand-sanitising etc.   The home document delivery service for residents and people with travel difficulties is still available. For more details of what is on visit their web site here -

The LOUIS NOTARI Library is open but is still keeping to its summer hours :
Monday, Wednesday & Friday :  1pm - 6.30pm
Tuesday & Thursday :  9am - 1pm
From 5 September it will also be open on Saturdays from 10am - to 1pm
The SONOTHEQUE is open as follows :
Monday, Wednesday & Friday :  3pm - 7pm
Tuesday & Thursday : 10am to 2pm
These will reopen normally on August 31 but only for the loan of documents.
8. Oceanographic Museum
"IMMERSION" is the Oceanographic Museum’s latest dazzling wonderworld which will leave you simply speechless and totally lost in time in this new virtual version of the Great Barrier Reef.   Costing no extra for access to the simulator which features 60 varied species to discover and, as the title says, immerse yourself in, you will leave the museum feeling that you have been totally transformed.   To discover more click here for full details.

9. Views of Monaco 

"Ludus" by Bernard Bezzina located in the park behind the Monaco Casino overlooking the sea. 


10. Government web site links (EU, MC, FR, IT, UK )

EU - As Europe re-opens, virus cases have fluctuated rapidly and EU member states are responding. Residents of Monaco are considered the same as EU residents for travel recommendations.

The EU travel advice for different destinations is available here -

MC - The official Monaco Government website for all information relating to the COVID-19 situation is: For information in English go to :

IT -  

UK - UK Government advice for travel to, from and through France is here - The UK Government advice for travel to, from and through Italy is here -

All travellers to the UK must complete a tracking form online here - before arriving in the UK

11 BAM Email and BAM CST
Please send all your email requests for BAM to our main email address 

BAM CST - Our BAM Community Support Team, although not making its usual visits, is always on hand to help with any problems, small or large – simply call the BAM CST team, headed up by Yvonne Bernhardt on 06 60 21 63 99 .


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