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  1. Monaco Economic Board - MEBinaire
  2. Attention - Heatwave
  3. Still not been tested?
  4. Third new coronavirus case
  5. European travel news
  6. EasyJet returns to Nice
  7. Careless disposal of masks
  8. Government web site links (MC, FR, IT, UK )

1. The Monaco Economic Board is hosting a special "MEBinaire"

Friday 26 June – 11am/12noon
"Monaco after COVID-19 :  effects on international trade"
Discussion by an online panel consisting of :

  • Thierry BOUTSEN, Boutsen Aviation
  • Nicolas CAPPELAERE, Laboratoires Ineldea - Santé Natura
  • Johanna HOUDROUGE, Mercure International, Monaco
  • Thierry VETTER, Geprocor (Groupement des Mousquetaires)

Participants can sign up for the MEBinar by using the following link :

This will be an inter-active event – you can post your questions in advance by sending them to

If you missed the first MEBinar, on the subject of Finance, which was organised in collaboration with the AMAF and the Ordre des Experts – Comptables, you can follow it on YouTube :

2. Attention – there's a heatwave on the way!

With temperatures due to reach 30° during the coming days, advice has been issued on how best to cope with extreme heat.

Once again, it is important to remember that the elderly, as well as babies and young children, are most likely to be affected.   The single most important thing to remember is to drink lots of water to keep hydrated – even though you might not actually feel thirsty.

It's also a good idea to stay out of direct sunlight and try to stay indoors between the hours of 11am and 5pm.

If you must go out, be sure to wear a hat and light-coloured, loose clothing.   Keep shutters closed during the day and then open them at night when, hopefully, the air will be cooler.   If you can, try hanging a damp cloth (a tea towel is ideal) in front of an open window.    Although using a fan can appear to help, if the weather is really hot it won't do much good because it will simply contribute to further dehydration.   Try to take cool – not cold – baths or showers, or wipe a cool flannel over your face, neck and arms.   Holding your wrists under cold running water will also be soothing.

Try not to drink coffee or alcohol since both of these only serve to dehydrate – even though that tinkling glass of rosé with ice might look so appealing – and aim to drink at least one and a half litres of water every day.   Cold meals of salads and fruit will also help.

If, despite all your efforts, you or someone you are with start to feel unwell, call 18 or 112 for help.

And, by the way :  if you are using an alcohol based hand cleansing gel, don't leave it in the car in full sunlight.   There have already been several instances of the alcohol becoming overheated and releasing flammable vapours which can easily ignite if in contact with, say, a plastic cladding component of the vehicle's interior.

3. Still not been tested?

Phase 3 of the Government's free Covid screening campaign at the Espace Léo Ferré is now under way, available to everyone who has not yet taken the opportunity to be tested.

Screenings are still possible every Tuesday until 14 July, from 8am to 6pm.  The wearing of a mask is obligatory.

4. Third new case of coronavirus but no cause to be concerned.

Monaco recorded a new third case of Covid-19 on Wednesday 24 June, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the Principality to 102.  The three new cases were from outside Monaco; two were tennis players from the Adria Tour, organised by Monaco resident and number-one world champion Novak Djokovic, while the third was a visitor from Belgium. 

However, the Government confirmed on the same day that all other patients have now fully recovered and no-one is currently being treated in hospital.
Seen on

5. European Travel News – Re-open EU

If you are thinking about planning European travel in the near future but unsure as to the whys and wherefores, you will find a new European Union website very handy. will help answer some of your queries about the status of all 27 EU member states (it goes without saying that the UK, having already stated its Draconian quarantine restrictions, is not included).   You will find a host of useful tips and practical information so it's well worth a visit.

 6. EasyJet returns to Nice

With the relaxation of France's travel restrictions for EU arrivals, Nice Airport has seen increased activity during the past week.

EasyJet Europe has partially resumed services to Paris and Nantes.   British Airways, however, would seem to be taking a more cautious approach, having cancelled some of its flights in order to consolidate loads and it appears that the British airlines are reluctant to resume services to several UK destinations until the British government lifts its current 14-day quarantine requirement for incoming passengers.   This policy is due to be reviewed on 29 June.    Meanwhile, EasyJet is continuing to operate some flights between Nice and London Gatwick during the rest of June and is already selling tickets for extended services to and from other UK destinations as from 1 July.    All flights into and out of Nice are still using Terminal 2.

Important to note :  the 110 Airport Express Monaco-Menton bus service has now resumed.

7. Careless disposal of masks and gloves can cost you dearly!

Since the wearing of masks and gloves became widespread/mandatory, their careless disposal has become a major problem throughout the French Riviera.   In an attempt to enforce the Environment Code, the Monaco police now has new powers to issue fines of up to €300 – no, it's not a misprint - €300 - to anyone found littering public spaces by failing to dispose of masks and gloves properly by placing them in litter bins or other appropriate receptacles.   Quite apart from the fact that they might be infected, if they end up in water, marine creatures may mistake them for food, with the inevitably disastrous consequences.

8. Government web site links (MC, FR, IT, UK )

MC - The official Monaco Government website for all information relating to the COVID-19 situation is: For information in English go to :

IT -  

UK - UK Government border control for travel to, from the UK is here - - and to/through France is here - The UK Government advice for travel to, from and through Italy is here -

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